Wonderful article written on  the women’s room blog

Wonderful article written on the women’s room blog

also featured in the evening standard and modern rustic publications

"What an inspiring, fantastic afternoon. I had so much fun and learned oodles about mono and gelli printing. Armi allows you to develop your print with as much or as little help as required. She is passionate about printing and it shows in her work and teaching. I'm utterly thrilled with the pieces I produced and I am looking forward to the Armi's art booklet stitching course. 

The venue is as equally as inspiring as the course. Design-led, light and airy studio - simply stunning. And, the refreshments.... wow! Home-made cakes – artisan, delectable, moreish!" Jo

"Walked into Armi's fully equipped print studio at her home and felt so excited to get learning. Homemade cake and tea in hand while Armi went through basic ideas for producing amazing prints. With a small group the creativity flowed, the Elephant photos I took as my own inspiration soon became artistic individual prints that I am proud to display at home." Debbie

"Armi is a fantastic teacher and her tranquil workshop is set in a beautiful courtyard garden. Despite my limited art experience, she made me feel at ease straight away. Inspirational, refreshing and highly recommended. Fabulous home made cake also!" Rhiannon

"I had a lovely informative afternoon at Armi’s beautiful studio. Despite having no previous experience I was always encouraged and enabled to produce several different prints. Armi supplied an enormous amount of materials, paints and papers. The afternoon was a delight especially with the added benefit of tea and homemade cake!" Wendy

"I attended this class with my two nieces and nephew and we came away absolutely buzzing with excitement! It was a great class and Armi is a fantastic teacher. We learnt something really fun and new but also came away infused with confidence and full of ideas, plus handfuls of artwork to show off. Armi was incredibly welcoming and started off the lesson with a few drawing exorcises that got us going and gave us tonnes of confidence to start creating prints straight away. I've never done anything like this before and at the ripe old age of forty something discovered that I'm not actually so terrible at drawing after all! The young ones (teen's) had so much fun and declared it the 'best Christmas present ever'. My nephew showed his work to his art teacher at school who was most impressed and has been told that he can include it in his GCSE art portfolio. He has declared that printing his favourite medium. What more can I say? It was utterly brilliant, the setting was perfect and inspiring, Armi has the dream studio and it was an utter pleasure spending a few hours in there. Nothing compares to the generosity of those who share their knowledge and build confidence in other people; thank you Armi. :O)" Chloe

"The setting for the course is inspirational and the workshop is very user friendly with all tools and materials readily at hand to use as needed. I attended a one day course on gelli printing. I had never seen this media being used before so I was a complete novice. The course starts with a short powerpoint presentation covering the key aspects of the skill and then Armi shows everyone how to get started and you're off. The numbers were small enabling Armi to give all members of the course exactly what they need throughout the day. If you get stuck or need to be shown something again or if you need inspiration Armi is at hand to help you along. By the end of the day I had produced some really lovely prints and also learnt how to stitch some of the prints into a little booklet. We stopped for a delicious lunch. In addition to what I learnt and took home (feeling very pleased with myself) I also met some lovely people who were on the course too. All in all a brilliant day out!" Susie